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Marvin Kalb on Trump & Nixon's "Credible Irrationality"

When Marvin Kalb stepped into Studio A at NBC News, which has been home to the premiere of the Muppets, a presidential debate and Meet the Press, he was shocked by how much has changed. Kalb, who moderated Meet the Press from 1984 to 1987, says he doubts he could play the same role today.

Kasparov on Putin and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

When IBM supercomputer Deep Blue defeated chess champion Garry Kasparov in May 1997, it was considered a monumental achievement for artificial intelligence. But in his new book, Deep Thinking, Kasparov shows how this discovery only set up a number of new hurdles for the artificial intelligence world to overcome.

Opening Day: Could MLB Learn From World Baseball Classic?

In a recent article for ESPN, Jayson Stark, called attention to a key cultural difference between Major League Baseball and other professional sports: baseball players rarely speak publicly about politics.

Mack Brown Calls for Rule Changes, Six-Team College Playoffs

With ratings numbers in decline and concussions on the rise, many wonder if football is losing its spot as the number one sport in America. Former University of Texas head coach and ESPN Analyst Mack Brown thinks otherwise, but that doesn’t mean the coaching legend has no concerns about the future of the sport.

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